Discography 2012​-​2014

by Svalbard

  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Svalbard are a great example of a band who have done things The Right Way. Existing as a band for approximately 4 years before releasing their debut album, Svalbard played the slow and steady game, holding their cards relatively close to their chest. This enabled them to finely hone their craft over a number of 7”s, EPs and split releases, each time improving slightly on their songwriting and recording methodology, allowing themselves to experiment and push their sound in different directions along the way. This plan of attack enabled the band to consistently improve without the stringent spotlight, or pressure thereof, of an album. It also, rightly, seemed to keep people wanting more…

    Remastered in full by Brad Boatright (OFF!, Sleep, Converge) this double LP, 15 song, set contains the bands debut self-titled 7”, ‘Gone Tomorrow’ 10”, ‘Flightless Birds’ 7”, the split LP with Pariso (including collaboration songs) and a Victims cover that appeared on the ‘Cover Buzz’ split 7” with MINE, Let It Die and Pariso. This is everything that Svalbard recorded prior to seminal debut album ‘One Day All This Will End’, collected together in full for the first time, with new, enhanced, sonic punch.

    Looking beyond specifics, this collection provides a fascinating insight into the growth and growth of one of the most unique bands around right now. Combining post-hardcore, crust/d-beat, post-rock and black metal atmospherics and intensity, Svalbard are a genre unto themselves, rather than a bizarre blur of styles. This release only goes to cement that ‘ODATWE’ was no fluke – here are another 15 tracks charting the evolution of one of the best and most fascinating bands today.

    Released in conjunction with Through Love Records (Germany) and Halo of Flies (USA).

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Ripped Apart 03:45
Don't mistake my silence for ambivalence There are no words for someone so insolent It's not worth the fight against your ignorance. Don't mistake my silence for ambivalence There are no words for someone so insolent It's not worth the fight Stupidity always survives. How dare you judge my intentions As though you are really in a much better position As if you know what lies behind them. Let every person be a human Without clamouring to be above them Your crusade for virtuosity Is dictatorship masked as morality. So much destruction in the name of perfection So little acceptance, so little perspective I have never taken so much hate as I have from your love I have never felt so ripped apart as I do in your arms.
Grayscale 04:42
Can't build a castle in your head Then complain that nothing you see looks like it Nothing ever looks like it. This isn't what you want it to be But nothing ever will be. Can't draw an angel with your blood Then complain that no one's ever good enough That perfection isn't love. It's never who you want it to be But you'll always be betrayed by that desire and that dream. Stop trying to convince yourself That it will be worthwhile Because you'll miss all the action whilst you wait for better things to happen. It's time to stop running away for a second And stand still in the moment Not every place you land Will be quicksand. It's time to stop dying inside for a second Just remember all the moments When every breath you took was laughter. To the truth I must surrender It's not going to get any better This is my resignation letter To every little hope I fell for Every brittle love I lied for ...That fool in me is dead. That fool in me is dead Desire no longer persists Against this heartless kiss That bites my tongue into bits. If I've learned disillusion, why can't I apply it? Every time that I mistake a passion for a life line A lover for a lifetime Fireworks for landmines. You can figure out the answers and wrap them up in bitterness But having cynicism makes no fucking difference It will not protect you From having your heart broken From losing all your loved ones.
Allure 05:15
Could spill blood to paint my lips red If only for a stolen mistake If only for a bitter taste If only to have something Something to wash away But the weight of years of heartache Could never justify it How you allow your discontent to make you so destructive Just to case a light Just don't lose your sight And the wait for years of heartache Could never justify this Ripping all my roots up just to chase an empty promise Cos it was when I ran towards you that I knew you were behind me It was when I fell down to my knees that your love had to elude me It was when I ran towards you that I knew that I was losing And every time I look for you I only see you leave This hope that I am chasing It is just a memory It is never coming back Never sinking to reality
That summer was so long ago When everything was gold We always seemed to find our way We never felt the cold Now you tread away from me Upon the dirt that lies between Two conflicting paths I can feel myself become your past I wait on these grounds of division Paralysed by indecision Now it’s getting dark so fast How i wish the warmth could last But this autumn in you It is nothing new I’ve seen what those shades disintegrate into The autumn in you I always knew It would make me place my head into my heads and tear it in two The little hope that had been left within a flaking structure Now falls from a sinking ship To cling to floating anchors
Faceless 01:49
I am beneath the dirt and I acquired the sickness The fall of inspiration The rise of desperation I am complacency I am apathy I see neglect for all humanity The floodgates open While I'm alone I see them all Everyone I've known I'm a figure A figure in the shadows Dragging frail wrists off the floor Dust has formed around your eyes I am that ghost That ghost in the night So many drives through pitch black woods I'll cross a line in my book Save me from this self fulfilling prophecy I'll always keep my distance as I will be forever
Everything is gone Flushed through the drain Into the gutter No more of anything This, this is the end This is the end of everything This, this is the future The future of nothing Untouchable memories From the past Horrid visions And thoughts of the future This, this is the end This is the end of everything This, this is the future The future of nothing This, this is the end This is the end of everything This, this is the future The future of nothing This, this is the end This, this is the end
Our human ways how they betray the controlled perfection that machines create So desperately preferred like fantasy So tirelessly pursued like God But the race of desire will never finish Because discontent prevails in us Against reality Against love Against the hope that this would be enough But delusion remains to tantalise and to nurture your distracted side until life becomes a destruction site You tear the truth apart to find A single shred of hope outside Outside reality Outside of love Into dreams of what we 'could' become Outside reality Outside. Of. Love. I burn this flame for you A light that holds no hope A flame that gives no heat I burn this flame for you A spark that goes unnoticed A pain with no release Keep within your clouded sight a bird in flight a burning light that never gets closer that never arrives.
If you think that I'm willing to pay For empty words of praise Then you can think again If you think that I want to compete For the hype of a transient scene Then you can think again Because your passion is just a mask for a business That loves this art just enough, enough to exploit it So if you think that I'm willing to pay For empty words of praise Then you can think again Your authority is self-appointed The acclaim you sell is totally worthless Your opinions are no better than others but you exhibit them like gospel to the choir But no one who loves, wants to profit from love or charges a fee every time that they help others So keep those words you deal in vain I still believe in other ways And they'll never help us anyway For what is your love if so easily swayed? I would rather stay hidden away Cos there is nothing here to gain There is nothing here to gain There is nothing here to gain This crown of false glory - it can be anyone's but it preys on the mindless, and remains on the desperate.
This is a requiem This is an ode To the things I used to do Which I now don't To the change I willed to happen That sweetness I imagined, but I could never taste Cos the chance you take will always be the chance I waste. I risk too much, to play it safe. But I lose too much, to win this game. I risk too much, to play it safe. And I dream too much of yesterday. this time can never be replaced Now I know one thing too well And it's not how many chances fell Out of of my hands Out of my fearful hands Promise to yourself Enjoy it while it lasts That resolution will fade fast Promise to yourself That you are not your past That resolution will fade fast This time can never be replaced. Don't lay it to waste. Don't make that mistake.
So here we are, this is it Here's to all our perseverance and our choices made I know that things won't be the same but don't throw this away The road is gritty but we're still on it My heart is aching but I've still got it And if I'm never letting go then I will never be alone I could have so much regret but this night isn't over yet Our lives aren't over Don't let go
How many times must we recreate yesterdays that become our mistakes From blinding dreams to bitter acts, reality pales where we remain trapped, with disappointing aftermath How many times do we have to ask which one is the liberating path No answer No answer First running towards, then running away One minute golden the next is grey when will we know whether to stay or how to draw a line that won't be erased This promise today will be tomorrows promise broken No matter how thick our walls with resolution
Leave It 04:33
Please don't get too close, your illusion is perfect I will do anything to keep it, keep it untouched, in the distance As, I watch from afar and confine the glimpses of your light behind the bars of my own heart. I promise this amazing story will be one that never starts With words that only falter when it's time to choose a path In a life of disappointment I will never let you play a part The more honest you get, the less I am able to protect my fragile hope which lies beyond the edge and I don't want to throw myself off yet.
They say remember the good old days But we're so young that we have none And, if at all, should we belong It's to a blank generation with no idealism to fall back upon The taste is so sweet but it slips off the tongue as if falling this fast could be another race won But we're already out of time Already out of breath About to cross the finish line With absolutely nothing left And in every last gasp between the things they say and the nothing they mean the air we swallow shall be empty As we struggle to keep their false momentum going When it's not even a close call, this scramble for the drivers seat, The steering wheel remains out of reach for those considered to be "beneath" Look outside and only our eyes will see For us the road signs are blank - not blurry We'll never know if this was an opportunity To go anywhere To be anything Or just a question of "why bother?" Why bother knowing anything? Except when to admit defeat.
I promised you would never see a trace of me ever being human again But I can't keep it. I can't live up to it. I crumble in the shadows of a perfectionist Cutting the corners of my heart until it has no edges Just a constant need to be covered in bandages Which restrain and remind of all my failures and wreckages If love is a dream and I can't get to sleep You'd better fucking knock me out and perform the lobotomy on me yourself But wait for now, while I still feel Both full of life and full of guilt And with lips of tingling passionate rouge Make not one more 'integral' move For your righteous tongue is covered in eggshells As it licks it rips these wounds With desperate claws of good intentions I hold onto my horns. Always ready to be locked. Then you say I'm an animal. And you chop them straight off.
The atmosphere in here is frosty The seat next to me is empty The promises you make are slipping Upon words that get retracted so easily All gets deleted from the blank mirror of the screen As you move onto the next big fashion thing If this is what belonging means Then you can take that hollow self worth away from me It depends upon the vain anonymity of the crowd you're never really pleasing. Have you ever asked why this is worth it? And what makes you so convinced That this the only thing which matters And that everything else is just shit? Have you developed a taste for it or just a weakness? How much did you have to give, to join this club of ignorance? Where anything goes, but nothing stays, And everyone's here, but nobody's friends. It's just the scene to be seen in And I'm glad to leave unnoticed Yeah, I'm glad to leave unnoticed I'm proud to be a ghost For all the nights of passion Which died so long ago.


released October 28, 2016


all rights reserved



Svalbard Bristol, UK


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