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(free) 04:11


1. So much for meritocracy
2. The damage done
3. Anything goes, nothing stays

Mixed and mastered by Patrick W. Engel / TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY, February 2012


released March 29, 2012



all rights reserved


Svalbard Bristol, UK


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Track Name: So much for meritocracy
They say
remember the good old days
But we're so young that we have none
And, if at all, should we belong
It's to a blank generation with no idealism to fall back upon
The taste is so sweet but it slips off the tongue
as if falling this fast could be another race won
But we're already out of time
Already out of breath
About to cross the finish line
With absolutely nothing left
And in every last gasp between
the things they say and the nothing they mean
the air we swallow shall be empty
As we struggle to keep their false momentum going
When it's not even a close call, this scramble for the drivers seat,
The steering wheel remains out of reach for those considered to be "beneath"
Look outside and only our eyes will see
For us the road signs are blank - not blurry
We'll never know if this was an opportunity
To go anywhere
To be anything
Or just a question of "why bother?"
Why bother knowing anything?
Except when to admit defeat.
Track Name: The Damage Done
I promised you would never see a trace
of me ever being human again
But I can't keep it.
I can't live upto it.
I crumble in the shadows of a perfectionist
Cutting the corners of my heart until it has no edges
Just a constant need to be covered in bandages
Which restrain and remind of all my failures and wreckages
If love is a dream and I can't get to sleep
You'd better fucking knock me out
and perform the lobotomy on me yourself
But wait for now, while I still feel
Both full of life and full of guilt
And with lips of tingling passionate rouge
Make not one more 'integral' move
For your righteous tongue is covered in eggshells
As it licks it rips these wounds
With desperate claws of good intentions
I hold onto my horns.
Always ready to be locked.
Then you say I'm an animal.
And you chop them straight off.
Track Name: Anything goes, nothing stays
The atmosphere in here is frosty
The seat next to me is empty
The promises you make are slipping
Upon words that get retracted so easily
All gets deleted from the blank mirror of the screen
As you move onto the next big fashion thing
If this is what belonging means
Then you can take that hollow self worth away from me
It depends upon the vain anonymity
of the crowd you're never really pleasing.
Have you ever asked why this is worth it?
And what makes you so convinced
That this the only thing which matters
And that everything else is just shit?
Have you developed a taste for it or just a weakness?
How much did you have to give, to join this club of ignorance?
Where anything goes, but nothing stays,
And everyone's here, but nobody's friends.
It's just the scene to be seen in
And I'm glad to leave unnoticed
Yeah, I'm glad to leave unnoticed
I'm proud to be a ghost
For all the nights of passion
Which died so long ago.