Gone Tomorrow

by Svalbard

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released February 20, 2013

Mixed and mastered by Patrick W. Engel / TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY, February 2013.



all rights reserved


Svalbard Bristol, UK


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Track Name: Melting Hands
This is a requiem
This is an ode

To the things I used to do
Which I now don't

To the change I willed to happen

That sweetness I imagined, but I could never taste

Cos the chance you take will always be the chance I waste.

I risk too much, to play it safe.
But I lose too much, to win this game.
I risk too much, to play it safe.
And I dream too much of yesterday.
this time can never be replaced

Now I know one thing too well
And it's not how many chances fell
Out of of my hands
Out of my fearful hands

Promise to yourself
Enjoy it while it lasts
That resolution will fade fast

Promise to yourself
That you are not your past
That resolution will fade fast

This time can never be replaced.
Don't lay it to waste.
Don't make that mistake.
Track Name: Never Look Back
So here we are, this is it
Here's to all our perseverance and our choices made
I know that things won't be the same
but don't throw this away

The road is gritty but we're still on it
My heart is aching but I've still got it

And if I'm never letting go
then I will never be alone

I could have so much regret
but this night isn't over yet
Our lives aren't over
Don't let go
Track Name: Pick Up The Pieces
How many times must we recreate yesterdays that become our mistakes
From blinding dreams to bitter acts, reality pales where we remain trapped, with disappointing aftermath

How many times do we have to ask which one is the liberating path
No answer
No answer

First running towards, then running away
One minute golden the next is grey
when will we know whether to stay
or how to draw a line that won't be erased

This promise today will be tomorrows promise broken
No matter how thick our walls with resolution
Track Name: Leave it
Please don't get too close, your illusion is perfect
I will do anything to keep it, keep it untouched, in the distance

As, I watch from afar and confine the glimpses of your light behind the bars of my own heart.

I promise this amazing story will be one that never starts
With words that only falter when it's time to choose a path
In a life of disappointment
I will never let you play a part

The more honest you get, the less I am able to protect my fragile hope which lies beyond the edge

and I don't want to throw myself off yet.